Arbitrage Rebate Services

Obtain all relevant records from Trustee, Issuer & Bond Counsel, including:

  • Trustee Statements of Projects Fund Investments and Disbursements.
  • Bond Closing Documents.

Review all documentation to understand specifics of Bond Issue, including applications of Bond Proceeds.

Compile a computerized record of all expenditures of Bond Proceeds, verify and recalculate original arbitrage yield.

Compute an estimated rebate liability and prepare an opinion letter and report summarizing the results.

If required, review updated Project Fund Investments and Disbursements and update rebate liability on each Bond Year anniversary.

On each 5-year anniversary date, review all prior records and reports.

On each 5-year anniversary date, prepare a rebate installment report, “8038-T” form, and assist the Issuer in making arrangements for the rebate installment payment.

Assist our clients to respond to arbitrage reviews by I.R.S.

In addition to the above, we are available to respond to any other arbitrage-related questions or needs.